Shelly Wood Dog Training and Behavior




Foundations for Fun is $200 and includes six sessions with your dog, training handouts, email support and membership in a private Foundations for Fun Facebook group with video tutorials.

Foundations for Fun is not your standard, basic obedience class. Don’t worry, we will cover the basics like coming when called, how to walk nicely on a leash and others but the focus will be on equipping you with the underlying skills needed to begin teaching your dog things you can use outside of the classroom in the real world.

You won’t be packed into the room with a ton of other people and dogs either, the class size is limited to no more than six  teams. And the classes all take place at Deer Creek Doggie Day Camp which provides a great space for allowing dogs and humans to have a lot of space between each other, and we even have some visual barriers if we need them.  The small class size and the design of the space helps some dogs and humans feel more comfortable than they might in a more traditional group class setting, and the small class size ensures each team gets plenty of individualized attention.

In order to be as successful as possible, participants must practice training between classes.  I am committed to your success and make every effort to ensure you have the resources you need to make that possible.  I provide plenty of support between sessions to help you stay on track including membership in a secret Facebook group with lots of videos and handouts. Students in the group class are encouraged to share their own training videos in the FB group and/or share those videos with me privately for feedback.  

Check back in early January for the next class!





To register,click the registration link for your class, follow the scheduling prompt, and then complete the registration form. Make sure to complete the entire registration form, including by checking the box that acknowledges you have read, and agree to, the terms and conditions.  Please be as thorough as possible when answering the questions. After completing the form, you will be prompted to pay.  You must complete the form and pay to reserve your space in class.

Once I receive this information, I will reach back out to you at the email you provide on the form within 48 hours.  I’ll share some specifics about class at that time, and I will ask you to email me your dog’s vaccination records at that time.

Dogs participating in the in person group classes need to be at least sixteen weeks old and fully up to date on vaccinations including Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Bordetella and you must provide documentation from your veterinarian of your dog’s vaccinations prior to starting class.

In person group classes are great for lots of dogs but they are not the best fit for all dogs, and some dogs need a little extra support before they are ready for in person group classes. If your dog reacts in overly excited or anxious ways when around other dogs or people (repeated barking, lunging, growling, excessive shaking or inability to take food) or has a known history of acting aggressively, please do not sign up for an in-person group class. Some dogs do better in private sessions at least to start. If you are unsure about which training option is right for you, contact me and I’m happy to talk with you about it. For the safety of clients and their dogs, dogs who are displaying aggressive or overly reactive behaviors are not allowed in class.

Feel free to email me at with any questions.