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Welcome to Shelly Wood Dog Training and Behavior, your trusted resource for all things dog related. I understand the challenges that can arise when caring for a dog, including frustration, stress, embarrassment, and feeling overwhelmed when our dogs aren’t behaving in quite thway we want.  

My mission is to make sure that living with a dog is an enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend. Let me guide you towards a happier and harmonious bond with your dog.  

Currently only offering group classes. 



Foundations for Fun is not your standard, basic obedience class. Learn More


In home coaching services are offered to help you and your dog better communicate and to deal with everyday behavior issues like learning the house rules or walking well on a leash. Learn More 

Or for more challenging behavior issues, like barking, lunging, and or destructive behavior, click here.


Shelly’s seminars are the best! I’ve been to every one that has been offered and I’ve learned SO much. The information she gives in these seminars have helped me teach my dog so many new skills and created a stronger bond between us. All her advice has made training so enjoyable and fun, as it should be. If you haven’t been to a seminar yet, you should definitely check one out!

Shelly is the best! We took the Foundations of Fun class, and this was basically teaching us, the pet parents, how to motivate our dogs to do the things we want/need them to do. The training is very gentle. There is no punishing or scolding of the dogs. There is a deepening of the bond with our dogs as we do the training. Shelly teaches us how to communicate better with our dogs and helps us understand them and how they learn. Shelly is professional and respectful and very knowledgeable. There were times when we just could not get our dog to do the thing we wanted him to do, and Shelly said, "Do you mind if I try?" Then, with Shelly,our dog nearly miraculously did exactly what we had been trying to teach! I told Shelly on more than one occasion that if I had been watching this on TV I would think she had already trained the dog ahead of time. I mean, how do you get that kind of results so quickly? Well, if you really know your stuff, and Shelly does, that is how you do it! Shelly also never made me feel stupid or belittled. She just kindly pointed out that she has had a lot of practice doing this and that it is a learning process. The Foundations for Fun class will teach you the basics and how to build on those basics on your own moving forward. Shelly also provides videos and handouts in a private Facebook group so you can go back and refresh your memory and skills and get more details. She recommended some very helpful books to me as well. If you want professional dog training that is gentle and effective, that treats you and your dog with kindness and respect, Shelly Wood is the person you are looking for. Oh, one more thing -- our dog Zach loved her!

Love the progress in our pup. He came in to class barking up a storm, bouncing off the walls and we had no idea how to work with him. Shelly’s course gave us an amazing framework to help us show our dog what behaviors we want from him and how to reinforce them. With the skills we’ve learned, we can now take our dog for nice walks around town, take him to restaurants and have a much more calm dog. Thank you for everything, Shelly!!

In January of 2022, I adopted 2 male, 4-month-old puppies from the Humane Society. They were lovely, sweet, and beautiful boys but within a short period of time I would witness aggressive behavior. They would fight over food, toys, and my attention, and it was heartbreaking to watch. I did my best to control it but the behavior weighed heavy on my heart and I didn’t have the tools I needed to fix it. A friend of mine recommended Shelly Wood, and my life has changed. Shelly came to my home, met the boys, and taught me the tools I needed to manage the behavior. She is amazing, the dogs responded immediately. I can’t lie, it was a lot of work juggling life, work, and training, and there were times I relaxed and didn’t put in the effort they deserved. I joked with Shelly that it was easier to train the dogs than it is the people raising them. I cannot say enough GREAT things about Shelly Wood and her training techniques, her compassion for the animals and her tips and tricks are beyond high quality. My life has changed for the better and the training remains a work in progress. Shelly gives you way more than what you pay for. I feel confident with Shelly’s help, my boys will have a happy, healthy, and wonderful life. Thank you, Shelly, for all you do and all that you are. You will always be part of the pack!

Shelly is INCREDIBLE! I’ve worked with her on two separate occasions, & she has always been informative, helpful, understanding, kind, & professional. What I loved about her training style is she focuses so much on teaching YOU as a pet parent how to work with your dog, but never makes you feel incompetent or belittled. I have been able to take what I learned from her & use it more times than I can count outside of class with the pups in my life, & she continues to be a resource for questions & concerns I’ve had moving forward. Shelly has trained ME on basic puppy manners, dog introductions within the house, as well as working through some resource guarding with our puppy. Training your dog is SO much more than just training, its a bonding process & should be FUN for both you & your dog. I would recommend Shelly to ANYONE looking to better understand their dog(s), basic puppy skills, or help work through whatever your particular struggle is. Plus, my dogs loved her even more than I did!

I took my adult dog, Maggie, through Shelly’s foundations program soon after rescue. Her approach to practical training is amazing. The skills she taught me has made a huge impact in my relationship with my dog and the life I can give her. Maggie is now a therapy dog for two organizations and goes with me to pet friendly places because she is so well behaved. I foster dogs as well and have used what I’ve learned on many other dogs, setting them up for success in their forever homes. Shelly isn’t just teaching sit and down, she also focuses on useful skills like settle and touch that help in our everyday lives as dog owners. I appreciate Shelly’s continued teaching and inspiration on her page as well!

We started training with Shelly when our rescue pup Rollins was about 6 months old. Shelly’s positive training techniques worked so well for us! We did the Foundations of Fun series, and it certainly did set the stage for a happy training experience! We continue to use all of the tools we learned, and they work! I especially appreciated the personal support from Shelly as well as the updates and ideas posted in the private group page we became members of during our training! Rollins loved the time we spent together, and I feel like this was a great way to start our lifelong relationship. I love saying “YES” to her when she does something right, and she responds that so well. I highly recommend Shelly Wood Dog Training and behavior!

I recently took the virtual Foundations for Fun training course. This was the very first time Shelly had done anything like this. I couldn't be happier when she took the leap and put one together! Having 3 small children, working, and my husband being gone due to his job; this made my life much easier. I don't have a lot of extra time in my life and Shelly was there for the rescue! I didn't have to worry about dragging my kids with me. I didn't have to constantly find a weekly sitter and pay someone extra. All I had to do was click a link to our Zoom meeting once per week. It was incredibly easy and convenient. I could train our crazy Lab puppy in his own environment. There was no extra "drive time" or money for a sitter. If you're looking for someone to help you with your dog, Shelly is THE one. Even though our training was virtual, I don't feel I missed out on anything or didn't get what "normal" in-person training got. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, understanding, and willing to take extra time out of her day to problem solve with you. There were plenty of times I messaged her frustrated and in tears because of what he destroyed next. She was always non-judgemental and willing to help me. There isn't anyone else I would choose when it comes to dog training!I love saying “YES” to her when she does something right, and she responds that so well. I highly recommend Shelly Wood Dog Training and behavior!

I have a serious wild child . Shelly is amazing with both of us and so patient. You don’t just pay for a class- you get daily support with video sharing and text messages. Wish I had met her along time ago. Can’t recommend enough.

Charlotte and I had a great time and learned so much with foundations for fun! Shelly does an amazing job at helping owners train their dogs while taking into account personalities and skill level of both person and dog. The training programs help to better communicate and grow a stronger bond with your pup! Thanks ShellyWish I had met her along time ago. Can’t recommend enough.

Taking your classes has been the best money and time I’ve ever spent! Not only is it fun for Bizzy and myself, but I’ve been able to use what we’ve learned in Foundations For Fun with all of my pups! The weekly worksheets and FB posts are so helpful to keep us on track when working on our own. And I love that the suggestions and advice are geared towards real world, everyday applications. It truly is amazing to be able to better communicate with my fur family. Thank you! Can’t recommend enough.